Internet FTP publishing 
EasyWebEditor includes an internal FTP engine. This is useful to publish your pages on the Internet, as the “FTP” is the most common standard for Web pages publishing. With only one click you can publish a whole Website, without having to worry about individual page and image files. The pages are created on-the-fly, and the automatic engine can distinguish between old and new/modified pages: so will publish only modified ones, thus saving time when you’re connected through dial-up connections. 
Thanks to this internal FTP you have not to use external programs such WS_FTP or Cute. 
The HTML engine generates a code that’s compatible both with Netscape Navigator, Opera, Mozilla and Internet Explorer, so you have not to worry about compatibility. 
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Some tech specifications: Easy Web Editor ™ works with MS Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, 2003, Vista. Easy Web Editor is a Web Publishing program, a Web creator Website builder software, i.e. a program for creating Internet Pages, designing / building Web Sites. It is a visual editor, a WYSIWYG editor, not simply an HTML editor program. You will not see the code or write HTML unless you want to. The Easy Web Editor makes it easy to create Web sites Websight with basic knowledge. Even a kid can use this website creator program! Our Web site builder is suitable for beginners, intuitive, fast, but very powerful and comprehensive: it's not just for home pages, personal sites... it has plenty of professional tools and permits the design of business and ecommerce web sites. It includes an automatic web FTP with simple one-click publishing of your "web sight". You can create the website offline, within a very handy environment - designed for the long term use (update, maintenance, grown). 
A rock solid program for real needs.