Free Online Web Page Creator Software for hosting services

If you run or you plan to run a hosting, you know that to create a Web site is now a very common requirement. If you run a community, providing a web site creator tool could be a good carrot for bringing in subscribers. 
Some hosting services and some communities know this and sometimes they offer an online website creator tool. online website creator tool But that's a limitation for the end user, as these tools force the end user to be online, aren't very powerful, and that solution is very often disregarded upfront by the end user as he/she knows it lacks expandability. 
Also, a online website creator is a resource waster because it uses a lot of CPU and band on your server (you know that server resources are limited: too much simultaneous users and also the most powerful server is gone - so you need to buy a more powerful or a clustered server - very expensive) 
On the other hand, you can not provide a big, expensive and/or complex HTML technical dinosaur tool. 
Well, we have the perfect solution for this. To help you offer a good value to your clients or to your community, and to provide you the opportunity to make your brand stronger, we are offering you a real web creator tool. Not a limited online tool, but a real professional tool that can be used for creating personal and business web sites. 
We offer you a co-branded edition of EasyWebEditor LITE, that you will be able to give out for free, or as "added value", or for a fee. We provide the selfinstalling distributable file. The customers installs the file into their PC. They work on their PC without wasting server resources. They just upload the website to your web hosting service when the site is done (if you are a novice in the hosting field, this is very simple: you open for them a so called FTP access/account, then you give to the end user the "FTP parameters" by email or you send them an automatic . 
The only limitation in the co-branded EasyWebEditor LITE is that the end user will be able to publish a max of 15 pages - this is usually fine for small web sites.  
The advantages are many 


Easy Web Editor
First of all, the co-branded edition will offer you a strong opportunity to re-enforce your brand name (one of the most important things for people when they choose where to host their sites).  
The splash screen will include EasyWebEditor + your logo (max 200 x 100 pixel) and we will also add to the title bar text (this will mean nice indirect marketing to your client's friends).
Also, this domain name will be added with a link on the bottom of all web pages created with EasyWebEditor (another great advertising opportunity, and a great thing for search engines, because, as you know, the search engines do like incoming links from other sites...).  
You avoid to overload your web server with a online tool. You provide a technically good web creator tool. 
Minimize Support 
You provide the same robust tool to all your clients / subscribers. As EasyWebEditor supports automatic FTP configuration you can email (possibly with an automatic script) the FTP configuration as a , so they won't be able to make mistakes. The 99.99% of the support for a host is "I have problems publishing my website". With the automatic configuration, the users will be immediately able to publish their sites (happy users, and no support!). If the users will ever have other problems with EWE, then they will ask us for support. 
For the end user  
Your users will be very happy, as they will receive a real web tool. As you know, VisualVision's EasyWebEditor is a formidable tool for creating Web sites of any kind, also with e-commerce. It can manage a Web site in a single solution, so it is much easier to use than more complex technically-orientated programs. And at the same time it is not limited like all the "online" server-side website creator tools. 
The WYSIWYG editor gives you an incredible number of visual options. Even live frames editing!